Terms of Services


Here is our Terms of Services in Domains & Web Hosting

.SO Domain Name Registration Policies
All domains registered under the .so, .com.so, .me.so, .net.so and .org.so namespaces are governed by the .SO Domain Name Registration Policies.
Grace Periods The .SO registry implements the following grace periods:

Renew grace period: 5 days
Transfer grace period: 5 days
Redemption grace period (RGP): 5 days
Pending delete period: 5 days

Domain Pricing Policy
.SO Domain Registration: $15/year
.SO Domain Renewal: $15/year
.SO Domain Transfer: $15/year
1. Domain Registration Terms (.com, .net, .org, .so, .com.so, .net.so, .org.so, .me.so)

• Registration period of a domain can be between 1 to 10 years
• Minimum letter of a domain is 3 letters

2. Domain Renewal Terms
• Your acknowledge that it is your responsibility to set your own reminder to keep your domain active before it is due date, we are in no way responsible to the failure of your renewal.
• Before domains expire the registrar sends renewal notification to the domain owner via email.
• Domains can be renewed minimum 1 to 10 years.
• Domain owner should pay the renewal fee before the domains expires. • The domain will be inaccessible after 5 days starting from its expiration date all services related to that domain will remain inaccessible.
• Domain owner has a chance to renew their domain before domain reaches the redemption phase.
• After domain expires 1 day from the expiration date, domain will be in the redemption phase
a. if domain owner wants to renew the domain there will be $80 to restore the domain from the redemption phase (for .SO Domains)
b. If domain owner wants to renew the domain the will be $80 to restore the domain from the redemption phase (for .com .net .org Domains).
• After deletion of the domain It can be available again to register by someone else.

3. Domain Transfer Terms
• You acknowledge that the transfer of your domain shall meet the requirements of ICANN domain transfer policy available at https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/registrars/transfers-en
• Domain owner can transfer their domain to another registrar and domain age should be more than 60 days starting from the registration date.
• Domain transfer to another registrar normally takes 5 business days.
• An expired domain cannot be transferred until it is renewed.
• Transferring a domain also requires Unlocking the domain and Authentication code (EPP Code) to transfer the domain to another registrar.