Duggaal SMS is SOSTEC developed School Management System designed for schools to facilitate paperless administration for schools right from students’ admission to their school graduation. SOSTEC has designed this system with advanced features that save time and cost for schools while they are in their daily operations. Duggaal gives school managers access to important information and records on a single click.

The system provides unmatchable advantages for school management, student, parents and other stakeholders and here are some of the benefits:

  • Saves Time

Duggaal SMS offers varieties of advantages time saving being one of them. The system is intended to save time for school management when searching exam results, student information or finding financial records. Schools are one click away to view financial statements and closing their fiscal year accounting.

  • Saves Cost

The system also saves costs incurred by schools when registering students like missing some important information and errors that can happen when calculating students fees. Using manual systems are too expensive as schools can lose easily lose manual books, but Duggaal Systems keeps records in a save server and holds data forever.

  • Helps School Managers Make Rational Decisions

Duggaal School Management System helps school managers get instant reports of what is going on in their schools in order to make rational decisions based on facts and figures. The system generates customized reports easily and conveniently.

  • Creates Strong Parents-School Relationship

Our School Management provides students discipline records in Students Affairs section. Teachers and school managers able to record individual student’s ethics and performance information and they can share with the parents on the go.

  • Helps School Managers In Planning

The finance module helps school managers and accountants plan and allot different fee structures to students based on their levels and classes. The system also gives a detailed account of any financial areas whether be revenue sources and expenses. This enables schools to effectively plan for the future and forecast specific quantities that will be required to fulfill achieve school objectives.

  • Improves Productivity

Duggaal SMS gives schools the ability to track their performance in a very simple way. By using it, administrators can focus more time on growing their schools and creating networks instead of dealing with daily manual hurdles.

  • Provides Student Attendance Records

The system digitizes manual attendance records; every teacher ables to record students’ attendance and the management sees the records directly from the system. This eliminates paper attendance losses and smoothes daily school operations.


  • Classes and Levels management
  • HR Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Sessions Timetable
  • Examination Records
  • Student Registration
  • Unlimited User Creations
  • Financial Management
  • Student Information
  • Employee/Teacher Login (Mobile App)
  • 1 Click Financial Statements
  • SMS integration
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