Enjoy Unlimited Shopping With Macaash

Macaash is a product that allows you to buy and sell products through it from the comfort of your place. Accessible from Website and mobile phone.

MACAASH Features


Distinctive business software with unprecedented ability to store data of products, sales and users easily,

Mobile App

Enjoy the experience of exploring wide range of products & services and buy them from your mobile phone

Web Interface

Explore infinite number of products with unlimited number of categories & users

Instant Reports

Get an up-to-dated and easy to read financial reports with a click! Assess your sales and the overall performance of your business

Payment Methods

Whether you prefer mobile money, bank cards or if you trust more cash on delivery, MACAASH is the perfect platform to buy and sell


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Myriads of Trusted Ways to Pay

Macaash is designed to suit all kinds of customers from all levels of the society
Good News! Right now you can use you EVC+, Master/Visa Card, PayPal or Cash on delivery. MACAASH is designed to satisfy all kinds of customers at all places.

Everyone Can Make Money from MACAASH

Whether you are a wholesaler or retailer with stocks or just a drop shipper connected to a wholesaler, MACAASH allows you to project all your products and services in both the web and the App and easily sell to everyone around Somali regions
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