eDURDUR INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is SOSTEC developed inventory management system which is intended to retail shops, supermarkets and merchandising business owners make the most of new technologies by making the whole functioning paperless as well as smoothing their daily operations from purchase order to delivering products to customers. The system automates the inventory management process and eliminates the accounting stress. There are uncountable advantages of using eDurDur database than attempting to use manual or other internationally imported systems. eDURDUR has 3 Versions eDURDUR Pro – for busines in multi branches with multible currencies eDURDUR SME – for small and medium enterprices eDURDUR POS – for shopping cneters  

Benefits of Using eDurDur IMS 

  • Saves Time

This established software is designed to save you time as it makes the whole inventory management process completely automated from purchase order to closing reports of the fiscal year. Businesses are one click away to closing their fiscal year, count sold and in store products and more.

  • Saves Cost

The system also saves the costs of multiple inventory counting and error in miscalculations. Using manual systems are too expensive as companies can lose easily lose the accounting papers, but eDurDur Systems is available in online and offline forms that takes automatic backups from every transaction business makes.  

  • Helps Managers Make Rational Decisions

eDurDur IMS helps managers get instant reports of what is going in the business in order to make rational decisions based on facts and figures. The system generates customized reports easily and conveniently.

  • Helps in Planning

Managers and accountants can view number of reports that give a detailed account of any particular part or product within warehouse or the shops and its associated history. This enables you to effectively plan for the future and forecast specific quantities that will be required to fulfill customer orders.

  • Tracks Product Availability

Knowing that it is important to keep the right amount of product quantities on hand at any given time, the system tracks products on hand or sold in just few clicks. This helps businesses understand the products that are performing well in the market and that are greatly purchased by customers.

  • Improves Productivity

eDurDur IMS gives companies the ability to track their inventory, its levels and its location in their warehouses. By using it, they can focus more time on growing their business in other areas instead of focusing accounting books and miscalculations made by humans.

  • Strengthens Customer Relationship

The System has customer records section that keeps customers profile and easily generates invoices and quotations without any delay. Such this improved operations will help customers get products and services on time.


  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Activity
  • 1 Click Financial Statement
  • Unlimited Receipt Installments
  • Customized and Flexible Accounts Creation
  • Free unlimited support
  • Expense tracking
  • Automatic backups
  • Invoice and quotation generation
  • Customer and vendor records