Our Hospital Management System, SHAAFI has two different versions, online and offline versions. Our clients have the right to make their selection decision depending on their choices and preferences, but both versions are almost the same though there are minor differences in the accessibility and from the point of view of convenience.

The online version of the system is remotely accessible, which means doctors and management can use the online version of the system while they are away at work as long as they have internet connection. While the offline version of the system uses local antenna network to transmit the communications between different departments of the hospital instead of the internet connectivity. This means, the offline version of the system denies any access outside from the respective hospital’s computers.

System Features

Both offline and online versions of the system are almost the same when it comes to the functionalities, features and section that they have, the only differences between the two versions are those mentioned above in the ‘System Versions’ section. Therefore, the system has the following main interconnected features/sections.


  1. Doctors
  2. Reception
  3. Pharmacy
  4. Laboratory
  5. Finance
  6. HR
  7. X-Ray
  8. Our Patient
  9. In Patient
  10. Operation Theatre
  11. Reports
  12. Registration
  13. Admins


These are the main sections that our SHAAFI system provides, which section can see the activities of other sections will depend on the choices of the management. If other sections are needed; they can be added to the system.