SOSTEC Tech Week 2022 – Exploring your potential

SOSTEC Tech Week 2022

SOSTEC Tech Week is our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  to continuously engage with young aspiring developers and tech graduate students on a track to excel in various tech skills that can get them through to demonstrate job readiness to transform society and solve numerous community challenges. Click here to register

Contest Rules


The Contest is open ANY to aspiring developers, designers, video creators and

  • Has Submitted the application before 28th July 2022 at 3:00 pm Mogadishu time
  • The age should be 18 or older.
  • Have the equipment (Laptop and Internet) to participate in the competition via Online on 1st Aug 2022, at 9 Am Mogadishu Time.
  • Has written a statement of interest, describing why they are participating in SOSTEC Tech Week (up to 500 words) in Somali or English. Management, employees, and interns of SOSTEC Technologies and their immediate family members are NOT eligible to participate for the purpose of these Official Rules, a participating will be an individual and referred to as a “participant.”

Contest Dates

  • The contest begins on 1st Aug 2022 at 9 a.m. Mogadishu Time and ends 1st Aug 2022 at 5 p.m. Mogadishu Time.

Contest Registration

  • Eligible participants must apply on this link beginning on 15th July 2022 at 8:00 a.m. Mogadishu time until 28th July 2022. ONLY Selected participants will be notified.
  • Complete the registration form and upload your photo with max size 1000px width, 1000px height.
  • Choose one of four categories for your contest: –
  1. Web Developer
  2. Mobile App Developer
  3. UI / UX Designer
  4. Video Editor


  • ONLY Eligible Participants will receive a notification email to participate in SOSTEC’s Tech Week.
  • Work Submitted Receipt email will send to participant after verifying she/he followed the work submission instructions.

Work Submission

To submit the final work please follow the below instructions

  1. Create a folder in your google drive and use your name and tell number as the folder’s name and authorize to us. Ex: YourName 0612717070
  1. Upload Source Files to the above folder
  2. Send Readme file
  3. Share the folder via email
  4. The deadline to submit the work is 1st Aug 2022 at 5 PM Mogadishu Time


  • The judges are prohibited from participating in the contest themselves. Judges’ decisions will be final.
  • The eligible participants from each tech category will be evaluated in accordance with criteria based on the selected tech category for each participant.
  • Each participant’s deliverables and work will be evaluated by a judging panel consisting of two (2) SOSTEC Technologies professionals and one (1) participant from the public or private sector with expertise in that category.

Evaluation Criteria

Entries submitted will be judged by SOSTEC engineers & other experts on 2nd ,3rd, and 4th Aug. The decisions of the judges are FINAL. We will be looking for solutions that meet the following four (4) criteria:

Criteria Description Points
1.     Understanding of the concept 15
2.     UI /UX Design 35
3.     Deliverables 35
4.     Creativity Added values to the contest theme 15
Total Points 100
Minimum Score 60


Winners & Awards

  • Winners will be announced at the ceremony event.
  • The winner will have a talk a maximum of 2 min.
  • Each category will be awarded the winner and first runner.

UI/UX Awards

  • UI/UX Winner
  • First Runner of UI/UX

Full Stack Web Developer Awards

  • Full Stack Web Developer Winner
  • First Runner of Full Stack Web Developer

App Developer Awards

  • App Developer Winner
  • First Runner of App Developer

Video Editor Awards

  • Video Editor Winner
  • First Runner of Video Editor

Don’t Miss out! Explore your potential.

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