SOSTEC`s Tech Week 2020

About the contest

SOSTEC`s Tech Week Contest is an open equal opportunity designed to celebrate, inspire, and encourage young Somali aspiring tech lovers.

Website designers, Graphic designers, and Video editors are encouraged to apply this contest. We invite you to use your talents and Join SOSTEC`s Tech Week Contest.
We’re looking for young aspiring tech lovers for this contest, and we know you can DO IT! We can’t wait to see you winning.

To register this contest please click here to fill out this form

Duration: 4th August – 6th August 2020.

Problem Definition (Background)

The COVID‑19 pandemic is an ongoing global pandemic disease in 2019. It has spread to nearly every country in the world. The impact of COVID-19 in Somalia is wide-ranging, including:

  • Education
  • Business
  • Sports
  • Jobs
  • Restaurants and so on.

For SOSTEC`s Tech week contest, your task is to represent the impact of COVID-19 for ONE of the five sectors listed above using.

  • Graphic design, or
  • Video (not more than 1 minute of length).

Technologies to use:  For Graphic designers use (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator), For Video Editor (Adobe After effects, Adobe Premiere Pro).

How to submit

  • Before you submit your final work make sure you have selected and worked Only ONE  of the five sectors listed above and represented your work either a graphic designer or Video.
  • Send your final work to Submissions after 6th August 11:00 pm will NOT be Accepted.
  • For Graphic Designers to review your final work. Send your project working folder naming ‘Graphic Designer Contest’. The folder should contain a project description file with .txt format containing the competitor`s name and description of the work following the final work done files both .jpg format and adobe file format.
  • Video editors to review your final work. Upload that video to YouTube(as unlisted or public, but not private). In your video’s description, write the description of the video.  Send your final work video link to also, include your name and the sector you have chosen.

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Terms & Conditions

A. Resell our services under your business name

We are invisible when you are selling our services and you can sell them under your brand name for any price you liked, here are the services listed below.

  1. Web Hosting (Shared, VPS, Dedicated)
  2. Emails (Webmail, GSuite, Microsoft 365)
  3. Domains (dotSO Domain Registration, .com,net,.org,.info and 700+ ltds)
  4. SSL
  5. Domain Privacy
  6. Backup
Why Reselling with SOSTEC?
  1. Set your own prices.
  2. Sell under your brand, we are invisible
  3. 24/7 support.
B. Commission-Based Reseller

To sell these products or services is only under SOSTEC’s brand and the ownership, contracting customer, supporting is the duty of SOSTEC will do, here are the products

  1. DEEGAAN Restaurant Management System
  2. DEEGAAN Hotel Management System
  3. eDURDUR Merchandise Management System (Carwo, Pharmacy, Dukaan and so on)
  4. eDURDUR Clinic Management System (For Hospital and Clinic)
  5. Notary Management System
  6. DUGGAAL School Management System
  7. Water & Electric Management System
  8. Website Design & Development
Process of selling these products & services are:-
  1. You communicate with customers to sell our product
  2. Create the deal
  3. SOSTEC contracts with the client as a product owner
  4. The client pays the bill to us
  5. We pay automatically your commission
  6. We train the client
  7. We support 24/7
Why Reselling with SOSTEC?
  1. Make money from great services and products at no cost
  2. Get a commission from 20% – 30%.
  3. 24/7 support.
Our Product Pricing Plans 
  1. Lifetime Plan (You will get the agreed commission)
  2. Subscription Plan (we will pay you as long a customer is paying)