SOSTEC Tech Week


We SOSTEC Technologies are proud and confident to offer reliable, industry-leading system development services. The company carefully adopted a culture of well-designed, fully functional, and securable systems. We have also a proven track record of success in the development of software systems, dotSO, domain registration, and web designing.

We serve the clients by providing well designed, secured systems that are built to their specifications and budget. As today’s business environment is continuously facing problems that require ICT experts and solutions therefore, SOSTEC came at a time when local businesses and NGOs were not familiar with the ICT solutions and opportunities that technology may contribute to their daily operations and how it could be empowered their operations efficiently, however, SOSTEC struggled to transfer that situation and managed to become Somalia’s largest technology services provider.

We are a multi-award-winning technology company in Somalia and the leading ICT giant that has been providing cutting-edge and custom made technology solutions to address local business problems across Somalia.

Since its inception, the company has marked its anniversary as a creative day – SOSTEC TECH WEEK in which all young aspiring technology professionals and students interested in tech participate in a competition and showcase their various skills in the field.

We invite individuals of aspiring developer, UI/UX designer from across Somalia to find breakthrough solutions to local technological challenges.

Contest Objectives

The aim of this SOSTEC Tech Week is to continuously engage with young aspiring developers and tech graduate students on a track to excel in various tech skills hat can get them through to demonstrate job readiness to transform society and solve numerous community challenges.

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Terms & Conditions

A. Resell our services under your business name

We are invisible when you are selling our services and you can sell them under your brand name for any price you liked, here are the services listed below.

  1. Web Hosting (Shared, VPS, Dedicated)
  2. Emails (Webmail, GSuite, Microsoft 365)
  3. Domains (dotSO Domain Registration, .com,net,.org,.info and 700+ ltds)
  4. SSL
  5. Domain Privacy
  6. Backup
Why Reselling with SOSTEC?
  1. Set your own prices.
  2. Sell under your brand, we are invisible
  3. 24/7 support.
B. Commission-Based Reseller

To sell these products or services is only under SOSTEC’s brand and the ownership, contracting customer, supporting is the duty of SOSTEC will do, here are the products

  1. DEEGAAN Restaurant Management System
  2. DEEGAAN Hotel Management System
  3. eDURDUR Merchandise Management System (Carwo, Pharmacy, Dukaan and so on)
  4. eDURDUR Clinic Management System (For Hospital and Clinic)
  5. Notary Management System
  6. DUGGAAL School Management System
  7. Water & Electric Management System
  8. Website Design & Development
Process of selling these products & services are:-
  1. You communicate with customers to sell our product
  2. Create the deal
  3. SOSTEC contracts with the client as a product owner
  4. The client pays the bill to us
  5. We pay automatically your commission
  6. We train the client
  7. We support 24/7
Why Reselling with SOSTEC?
  1. Make money from great services and products at no cost
  2. Get a commission from 20% – 30%.
  3. 24/7 support.
Our Product Pricing Plans 
  1. Lifetime Plan (You will get the agreed commission)
  2. Subscription Plan (we will pay you as long a customer is paying)